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Undo And P2P Swap Buttons For Crypto Transactions

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Transferring cryptocurrency is a stressful task

People are prone to make mistakes – but you just can’t make a mistake with a cryptocurrency transfer. Enter the wrong wallet address, by mistake or by fraud, and you’ll lose your money forever.

Kirobo provides the solution.

Kirobo removes the risk of human error

Our DeFi solutions add a layer of protection to cryptocurrency transfers, protecting you from needless financial loss. 

The Undo Button obligates you to create a passcode to give to your recipient, and the transfer can be canceled and retrieved until the passcode is entered.

The P2P Swap Button enables safe, direct token swaps without the need for an exchange or custodial OTC party - you can even set your own token prices.

We're changing the way people interact with cryptocurrency

Kirobo makes it impossible to send cryptocurrency to the wrong address – you don’t even need to send a test transaction!

Kirobo removes trust from the equation, enabling true peer-to-peer commerce for the first time.

Kirobo is non-custodial – our only job is to approve and execute. We never hold your funds, and couldn’t crack your passcode if we tried.

Transfers only happen upon receipt of the correct passcode from the correct device

If the correct recipient provides the correct code, the transfer is finalized.

Until the correct code is provided, the sender can cancel and retrieve the transaction.

A decentralized solution for a free digital economy

We have no access to your funds, their destination, or your private key, at any time. 

Because we’re non-custodial, you can still retrieve your funds even if our systems were to go down.

We’ve been audited by external organizations, including the Israel Innovation Authority.

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