Revolutionize Your Transactions with FCTs

Discover the power of on-chain scripting today!

What is the FCT Platform?

FCT is a game-changing blockchain-based scripting language that simplifies transactions and streamlines processes without the need for smart contracts. Whether you’re a developer building efficient applications or a Dapp looking to streamline your operations, FCT has you covered. We’re currently in beta testing with our visual builder and will launch an SDK early in 2023. Join the FCT revolution today and revolutionize your transactions.

Why Use FCTs?

Key Benefits for Developers


FCT is the mini on-chain scripting language that empowers you to automate and develop solutions quickly, so you can focus on creating the best possible user experience.

With FCT, you can say goodbye to the tedious and time-consuming process of traditional development and hello to a world of possibilities.

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Our technology provides a new infrastructure for customizing the user experience, streamlining the development process, and eliminating the need for specialized smart contracts and bots.

As a general-purpose solution, FCT can be used across a wide range of industries and seamlessly integrate any popular dapp functions. 



Our powerful on-chain scripting language allows you to easily create logic and conditions that call protocol functions with the use of FCT plugins and our SDK. No more building new smart contracts – FCTs provide you with a safe and consistent interface for your dapp development needs.


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Inflexible smart contracts can hold back your dapp’s potential. FCT is here to change that. This powerful on-chain scripting language simplifies transactions and streamlines processes, allowing for easy development without the need for traditional smart contracts.

With FCT’s SDK, you can create custom user experiences without the hassle of creating new smart contracts. Upgrade your dapp development with FCT and join the revolution.

What's the business case?

FCTs is The On-Chain Scripting Language That Gives You the Flexibility to Respond to Market and User Needs Quickly

The web3 infrastructure High Growth Companies Can't Afford to Miss

In the fast-moving world of blockchain, it’s important to be able to respond to market and user needs quickly. Traditional smart contracts can hold you back, leaving your solutions outdated and limiting your capabilities. That’s where FCT comes in.

Our on-chain scripting language gives you the flexibility to offer users more capabilities, without the need for smart contracts, enabling you to stay ahead of the competition

Maximize your Return on Investment (ROI)

Achieving short-term growth is impressive, but it’s the ability to sustain that growth that separates successful companies from the rest. 

As a web3 company, you need unique capabilities to handle the challenges that come your way and maintain a high level of engineering performance to win in the marketplace.

Expand Your Dapp Network and User Base with FCTs

With our on-chain scripting language, you can easily publish global plugins that allow other dapps to quickly call your most important protocol functions. 

This opens up new opportunities for integration and helps you build a stronger user base. 

Get in Contact

If you have any questions about FCT’s and on-chain scripting. Please get in touch. We are building an active entrepreneur and developer community and would love to hear from you.

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