The FCT Developer Platform

The on-chain scripting language augmenting your smart contracts by making web3 automation easy and development faster.

What is the FCT Platform?

Our general purpose platform will enable developers to build fully featured decentralized products and services fast. FCT uses an on-chain scripting language that makes development easier, more scalable and safer. Safe and easy as sending tokens. We are currently in beta testing within our visual builder and will launch an SDK early in 2023.

Why Use FCTs?

Key Benefits for Developers


FCT as a mini on-chain scripting language that  allows to automate and develop solutions fast.


FCT as a general purpose platform can be used and adapted to a wide scope of use cases easily. FCTs are upgradable which makes them the best option to scale your decentralized solution.


With the FCT platform you have flexibility to build decentralized features and solutions on popular and trusted protocols.

With full support for EIP712 you’ll be able to see, inside your wallet, the whole FCT plan in a readable human format

What's the business case for FCTs?

The ability to quickly respond to market and user needs

Extend the smart contract lifecycle

In blockchain things move fast and you need respond to the market and user needs quickly. Otherwise your smart contracts will quickly become outdated.

FCT’s has fewer development limitations which enables you to offer users more capabilities on top of your smart contracts.

Improve the smart contract ROI

More revenue, over a longer period of time, means your investment into your core protocol smart contract will be multiple times higher.

The time and investment needed to build a smart contract protocol will no longer be a roadblock in your roadmap.

Stay ahead of the competition

There are always new protocol entering the market that want to take market share away from you. Now with FCT’s you can quickly enhance your smart contract protocol and expand your market share.

Get in Contact

If you have any questions about FCT’s and on-chain scripting. Please get in touch. We are building an active entrepreneur and developer community and would love to hear from you.

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