July 11, 2021

  • $1 billion worth of crypto transfers processed with Undo Button mechanism 
  • $6 million saved by 200 successfulretrievals 
  • Undo Button makes BTC, ETH, and ERC-20 transactions retrievable


It is with great pride, but not much surprise, that we announce reaching

a key milestone – people worldwide have processed $1 billion worth of

cryptocurrency through our Undo Button!


Give UNDO a try now – 

send / collect BTC   |   send / collect ETH


On top of that, more than 200 transactions were successfully retrieved.

In other words, we’ve saved $6 million in crypto from being lost.

The numbers are impressive, but they’re only going to get bigger.

Due to the decentralized format of blockchain technology, cryptocurrency transactions have no central authority to back up funds sent to the wrong address through error or fraud. There are news stories every day of people losing their cryptocurrency, never to get it back again. We’ve done something that nobody has done before – give the market a safer way to transact

Our CEO, Asaf Naim, said: “The ecosystem was gasping for a way to make transactions safe and easy and our Undo Button provides this in a foolproof manner. I’d also point out that of the $1 billion, $61 million was processed in only one day, demonstrating how scalable we are – this solution is going to change the way people interact with cryptocurrency worldwide.”

Our Undo Button lets senders cancel transactions if something isn’t

right. It works through an innovative authentication mechanism that requires

the recipient to enter a password in order to get receive a payment, and it works

with Bitcoin, Ethereum, and ERC-20 tokens.

Asaf appeared on Fox Business recently to talk about our service – check out the video here!