Kirobo is proud to announce that our Ethereum Undo Button is available on Ethereum mainnet

The “ETH Undo button” works the same way as the Bitcoin Undo button.

Transfer protects users from sending their cryptocurrency to the wrong hands, whether by mistake or due to malicious activity. We do it by adding a new security layer that we call the third step of verification. Retrievable Transfer works in 2 levels:

  1. A transaction code must be entered by the recipient in order to receive the transfer.
  2. The sender receives funds retrieval capability that is available until the correct code is provided by the recipient.

“Ethereum Undo” is working through in-browser wallet Metamask and is available for all wallets that support WalletConnect protocol.

You get full control over your funds:

  • Kirobo platform has no way to influence the transaction.
  • Kirobo platform is not exposed to the password in any way or form.
  • These sensitive parts of the system are developed as an open-source software.
  • The whole process is fully protected from brute force attacks.