2,725,000 $KIRO Per Week*

For Pool Liquidity Staking​

*For the service of providing liquidity to the KIRO / ETH pool you will be remunerated by KIRO Tokens.

How to participate in KIRO Staking

  • Step 1 - Buy KIRO
  • Step 2 - Add Liquidity
  • Step 3 - Staking

KIRO liquidity rewards program will commence on September 23, 2020 over a 365-day period, ending September 22, 2021.

KIRO will be distributed as rewards to liquidity providers for the KIRO/ETH Pool on Uniswap V2

Staking Step-by-Step Guide

We expect more Kirobo liquidity rewards programs to follow across other pools that we might create, especially in relation to Kirobo’s DeFi product, which will be announced separately soon.

STEP 1 Watch the video above and read this Guige

STEP 1 – Buy KIRO/ETH Pool on Uniswap V2 (Link)

STEP 2 – Add Liquidity (Link)

STEP 3 –  Kirobo Staking App (Link)

How It Works (A step-by-step guide is at the end of this Page.)

To stake and begin earning KIRO liquidity rewards:


Step 1-Buy KIRO/ETH Pool on Uniswap V2 (Link)


Step 2 – Add Liquidity (Link)


Step 3 – Kirobo Staking App (Link)

Join our competitive yeild farming plan

Take a look at the PDF and video tutorial below

Staking Step-by-Step Guide


US and Israeli Citizens are strictly prohibited from participating in The Staking Program.