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September 2, 2021

Staking is one of the biggest benefits of cryptocurrency, allowing you to use your crypto to generate…more crypto! But what does staking mean exactly?

Liquidity providers and staking

Staking means putting some of your crypto into a dedicated smart contract, which can have a number of purposes. But for the moment we’re focusing on staking to provide liquidity to a decentralized exchange and getting rewarded for the service.  

It’s pretty simple to do. Liquidity providers (LP) simply deposit two types of token – such as ETH and KIRO – in amounts of equal value, and in return receive a proportion of the fees paid by users who use the related liquidity pool. An LP’s returns are calculated from the percentage of the pool that their deposit makes up.

Kirobo staking

Join Kirobo staking and you’ll be rewarded no matter the amount you put in.

Join Kirobo community chat

Why use our solution?

The staking protocol will let you lock your funds in a liquidity pool and you’ll get a staking rewards back in proportion to the size of your stake. You can claim the rewards and unstake whenever you want.

A big milestone

On September 1 we arrived at the one year mark of our staking program! We’re thrilled about our achievements in price stability and liquidity, and we couldn’t have done it without your support!

A new opportunity:

Our token has risen in value by 20,000% and our APY is very high. While some cases this can imply instability, KIRO has demonstrated consistent stability. 

Initial APY: up to 209%

Staking period: no limitation

Minimum amount: no minimum

Pool cap: no limitation

Pool monthly reward: 500,000 KIRO

ETH/KIRO Uniswap V2 pool

Add your liquidity to KIRO/ETH pairs in the KIRO/ETH pool on the Uniswap V2 exchange and use your crypto to generate…more crypto!

The KIRO ecosystem is compatible with Ethereum wallets that can hold ERC-20 tokens, but you need to add KIRO as a customized token via the contract address in order to interact with it. This will only work if your wallet has the ‘import token’ function. You can find the KIRO contract here:


Be sure to check your wallet for the ‘import token’ function before sending KIRO to that wallet.


In this tutorial, we will show you how to stake KIRO. You will need to hold ETH in order to do this. 

  1. Access the ETH/KIRO pair on Uniswap V2 and buy KIRO

To enter Uniswap V2 click here.

  1. Adding liquidity to get your LP tokens starts here:

To enter pool click here.

  1. Press add liquidity, enter an amount, and select ‘approve KIRO’.

4. Allow Uniswap to spend your KIRO.

5. Press ‘confirm supply’, then ‘supply’, then press ‘confirm’.

6. Select ‘close’, and then ‘supply’. After you ‘confirm supply’ close this window.

7. Go to the Kirobo staking platform to stake. You’ll need to connect your wallet with Kirobo in order to continue. 

Click here in order to start staking.

8. Make sure you read the staking conditions before selecting ‘KIRO/ETH’.

9. Enter the amount of LP tokens that you would like to deposit.

10. Select ‘approve staking’.

11. Select ‘confirm’ in your wallet interface.

12. Select ‘submit staking’

13. Select ‘confirm’ on your wallet

14. Now you’re a KIRO staker. Congratulations!

Israeli, Canadian, and USA citizens cannot participate in the staking of KIRO

If you’re already a staking participant, there’s no need to do anything — the staking will continue automatically.