Social messaging wallets — are they the future?

Cryptocurrency adoption is growing throughout society, with a huge community and industry events attended by thousands of people. These communities are centered around social platforms, like Reddit or Twitter, and messaging apps like Telegram. As a result, developers have begun creating wallets to cater to these communities – software applications that offer crypto storage services, messaging and web3 browsing. These apps allow you to chat with your friends in a private and secure way, protected with blockchain encryption. There are other apps too that aim to improve the experience of existing platforms like WhatsApp and Telegram.


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Alty is a blockchain project based in Barbados that brings blockchain to Telegram and WhatsApp, adding crypto-based features to existing crypto groups. One of the main problems these groups face is that they are flooded with spam accounts. These accounts send annoying, repetitive messages, often loaded with viruses, and harass individual users with private messages. Alty puts an end to this by adding application forms to all groups, so administrators can get to know potential members and why they want to join. Moreover, groups can demand a subscription fee, if they think that the content they share is worth paying for. These features greatly improve the user experience by making groups safer and reducing the amount of spam messages. Alty also offers tools to manage and analyze data shared by the users while preserving the privacy – a useful tool for companies and startups. Group administrators can also offer rewards in cryptocurrency to users who perform specific tasks. Participants of the groups can store and send cryptocurrency for payments and tips. Although it launched first on the Ethereum blockchain, Alty recently migrated to Algorand due to Ethereum’s high network fees.  



Status is an Ethereum dapp that aims to decentralize social messaging platforms. It allows users to store and trade tokens, and also join popular Ethereum dapps like CryptoKitties and Decentraland. The Status app also allows users to communicate with each other through an encrypted P2P messaging platform. It uses blockchain technology to monetize this and preserve user privacy. For example, instead of relying on invasive ads and information theft, Status users can opt to pay dapps to send them push notifications. It also hosts a sticker market, where designers can create stickers and sell them to other Status participants. To prevent spam, users can set a minimum payment to receive messages. The payment must be done in SNT, the native token of the platform, and is returned to the sender once they get a reply. There is also a Teller system, where Status users can meet and make crypto-fiat trades. Sellers of cryptocurrencies must pay SNT to participate. It launched through an initial coin offering in 2017 and raised $99 million in a single day.  



TrustKeys is an innovative software that describes itself as a ‘super app’. It offers a wallet, like Status, but also has an integrated exchange and a social network, similar to Facebook and Twitter. The exchange allows you to trade your tokens instantly on the same platform, while the social network allows you to connect with other users and stay up to date with crypto news. All information on the social app is stored on the blockchain, so users can rest assured that it’s secure and tamper-proof. It runs on the Ethereum, BSC, and Solana blockchains, and can store all tokens in these networks. The wallet can also store NFTs. The TRUSTK token serves the purpose of paying for in-app fees and services, and paying rewards for contributions to network development and governance issues. The development of TrustKeys began in 2018, and the official launch took place in September 2021.  


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