Safe Transfer FAQ

Why do I need Safe Transfer

Safe Transfer makes it almost impossible to lose funds due to human error. This is important because millions are lost every year through needless mistakes, and this problem will only become more acute as crypto adoption grows. 

How do I use Safe Transfer

The platform is very easy to use. You simply select the desired token, the amount, and enter the destination address. Then you create a password and send the transfer. The recipient won't be able to collect until you make contact and share the correct password with them. If there's some kind of issue, you can click the undo button, and the transfer will be canceled and the funds retrieved. 

For a more entertaining breakdown, check out this video. 

How is it possible to undo blockchain transactions? 

It's not - we use smart contracts to create a pending state. The transactions are not finalized until the correct password is provided by the recipient. 

How do I know I can trust Safe Transfer? What proof is there that it works? 

The platform has already processed over $1.6 billion worth of crypto transactions, and our code, which is of course open-source and open to public view, has been audited by more than one specialist firm. 

With which wallets is Safe Transfer compatible? 

Safe Transfer works with all ERC-20 compatible wallets. 

Is Safe Transfer mobile-friendly? 

Safe Transfer is a browser-based application, so it can be used with your mobile device. A dedicated application is on our roadmap.

How much does it cost to use Safe Transfer

You need to hold KIRO in your wallet or Liquid Vault to use Safe Transfer to its fullest capacity, although you can perform two transactions a month without holding. Additionally, the sender must pay the regular gas fees for an Ethereum-based transaction.


Where is my money stored? 

Safe Transfer is non-custodial. If you send ETH, the smart contract will hold your funds until collection or undo. For other tokens, the tokens remain in your wallet until recipient verification, at which point the smart contract will transfer them automatically. 

What would happen to my funds if Kirobo stopped functioning? 

The smart contract's retrieval feature operates independently of Kirobo. This means that even if Kirobo were to have downtime, you can still retrieve your transaction. 

What are Safe Transfer's competitors? 

Safe Transfer is the only solution that lets users undo a crypto transaction while retaining complete control of their funds throughout the process.




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