Earn more, trust less

How it works

Our platform compared with a leading alternative:

The user wants to swap 1 ETH for KIRO. Assuming 1 KIRO = 0.5722 USD, they receive 4,085.79 KIRO.

So 100 ETH should get them 408,579 KIRO. But...

…here we see that they’re only offered 349,116 KIRO - a loss of 34,024 USD.

The P2P Swap Button gives them 400,858 KIRO - saving them 34,024 USD.

The second party also benefits, receiving the full 100 ETH instead of only 83.3 ETH. That’s a saving of approx. 44,000 USD.

Key details

Centralized exchanges are custodial and require KYC, presenting a target for hackers. The P2P Swap Button is
non-custodial, holding neither user assets nor user data.

Decentralized exchanges significantly reduce the price of your tokens in proportion to the size of the swap. With the P2P Swap Button there is
no slippage.

Token swaps can’t be safely executed without a third party because too much trust is involved. The P2P Swap Button uses a smart contract to enforce fairness.

Ethereum gas rates change according to system load - with the P2P Swap Button you can avoid high gas rates by choosing when to activate your swap.

We charge no transaction fees for the service - swap between ETH, USDT, BNB, UNI, LINK, SUSHI, USDC, DAI, WBTC, MANA and KIRO and pay only Ethereum gas.

The P2P Swap Button is secured with the Safe Transfer mechanism - if something isn’t right, you can easily cancel the swap and retrieve your funds.