P2P Swap Button - leveling the trading field

Trusted, decentralized P2P swaps - at market price

It’s crazy - but today, the higher the sum you trade, the more money you lose!

You could be paying anywhere from 15% to 90% per transaction! 

Sounds impossible? Take a look:


Mary wants to make a swap of 1 ETH and buy KIRO (our coin)

On Uniswap, she would get 4,085.79 KIRO (assuming KIRO=0.5722 USD)

If Mary wants to buy KIRO for 100 ETH, logically she should get 408,579. Right?

In Reality...

Mary would get ONLY 349,116 KIRO...

... which is 59,463 KIRO less!

That’s $34,024 gifted to her liquidity partner - quite a chunk of change!

Shouldn’t it be the opposite? Higher volume = lower price? We believe so.

Now let's see the result if Mary uses the Kirobo P2P Swap Button 

Mary wants to make a swap of 100 ETH and buy KIRO  

Kirobo's P2P Swap Button gives her 400,858 KIRO

She's just earned an extra $34,024! 

Still, the other party is losing on the trade, right? 

In Reality...

Look at what the other party would have made if they'd used Uniswap:

Only 83.3 ETH, instead of 100

With Kirobo's P2P Swap Button, the other party just earned an extra 16.7 ETH! And Mary didn't lose! 

Enough paying liquidity providers - keep your money - trade with a safe, secure and fair P2P swap

Kirobo’s P2P Swap Button is the world's first direct, decentralized peer-to-peer trading platform

It allows you to set your own prices - no matter the size of the trade - pre-agreed by the other side!

And the bigger the trade, the more money you make - just like it should be! 

It’s a win/win

Get market price - and even better!


  • 1
    Fair swaps
    Agree to a price and stick to it for any size transaction, regardless of exchanges' demand and supply formulas that create massive gaps between seller and buyer).
  • 2
    Both sides win
    All parties make more than they would have on a decentralized exchange (see example above).
  • 3
    No fees
    None. ZERO. Really! We just want to create a level trading field.
  • 4
    MUCH lower gas prices
    Sign the transaction at off-peak times for an even better deal.

How to use the P2P Swap Button in a few easy steps:

1.Enter the second party’s ETH address

2. Choose the currencies

3. Input desired swap amounts 

(what you’re giving, what you expect to get)

4 .You can even ask for the market price

5. Create a one-time password

You communicate the password 

to the second  party outside

the system - by email, SMS, etc.

6. Send a message (for both your records)...

... and confirm the final sum.

See that percentage? WAY above

market price!

7. Sign transaction

(on your first trade you’ll have to approve

the coin you’re sending and then sign)

8.The swap will appear in the second party's wallet.

Once they enter the password and sign, the transaction is complete!

Made a mistake? We’ve got your back with the Kirobo Undo Button