Liquid Vault Step by Step

The Kirobo Liquid Vault lets you back up your crypto, giving you a second chance if you lose access to your wallet. But how does it work? Let’s get started!

First, you’ll need to open yourself a Liquid Vault. Go to  and you’ll see this:


Click on that big blue button and you’ll be asked to confirm with your wallet:

Next, move your assets across to your new Liquid Vault for protection:

Now you can create a backup! Just click on the option to the left and you’ll get this menu:

You’ll need to go to your chosen backup wallet, copy the address, and then back to your first wallet to enter the address:

Once you’ve done that, you’ll be asked to set the timer. Here, I’ll set one for one day:

Then you confirm by sending the request to your backup wallet:

The wallet will ask you to confirm:

Then you’ll need to connect with your backup wallet to confirm:

So log back in to your second wallet and you’ll see this:

Then approve:

Now, you’re ready to start the timer! You can do this via your backup wallet or your main wallet:

You can do this via your backup or main wallet, but you can only cancel the backup from your main. So, you click start timer, confirm again:

Once the transaction is confirmed, your backup has started!

Now your backup is set and you’re protected! But what happens when the timer runs out? 

When the timer runs out, your primary wallet will be disconnected from your vault:

So now you’ll have to claim ownership. You can do this via your primary or your backup wallet:

Then you click claim ownership, and that’s it!

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