July 18, 2021

It’s very important to Kirobo to get to know our audience better. Knowing what you think and feel will help us to customize our product accordingly and meet community expectations

That’s why we conducted a survey on Twitter and Telegram – we wanted to know about your experiences with cryptocurrency transfers.

We saw amazing participation and we’re proud to present the results:

Expensive Mistakes

34.2% of our community have forgotten or lost their wallet passwords in the past, while 42.5% have made a mistake while transferring their crypto, such as sending funds to the wrong address.

Do your research!

We discovered that when researching new products and projects, 68.3% of our community research using internet searches, 30.55% use Telegram, and 21.45 % check Reddit. 10.25% are doing their research in some other way.

When researching a project, 44.3% of respondents said that they check out the team behind the project while 55.7% prefer to see the working product itself.

Give UNDO a try now –

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Why are you into crypto?

Most of the community are into crypto for investment (77.6%), 18.4 % for the technology, and 4% do it for fun.

What wallet do you use?

We found that 37.9% of respondents use Metamask, 33.35 % Trust Wallet, and 23.95% store their funds in hard wallets. Interestingly, only 0.8% use an exchange or a broker!

We at Kirobo extend our thanks to our community for answering the poll. The information will be put to good  use!

Note: Answers are an average taken from 242 Twitter poll participants and 194 Telegram poll participants

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