Kirobo launches on Binance Smart Chain

We have some exciting news for our users. Kirobo is now live on Binance Smart Chain! In this blog we’ll explain what Binance Smart Chain is, and what this means for Kirobo and for you.


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Binance Smart Chain – Ethereum’s younger (and faster) cousin

Binance is the Amazon of the cryptocurrency world. Or the Microsoft… or maybe the Apple… you get the point. It’s a mammoth centralized exchange that operates worldwide and processes tens of billions of dollars’ worth of cryptocurrency every day. Recently, it launched a decentralized, smart contract-capable blockchain called Binance Smart Chain (BSC).
BSC functions like Ethereum, but without the congestion and high transaction fees of its predecessor. Cleverly, Binance also designed it to be compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Engine, making it relatively easy for Ethereum-based projects to migrate over.  Kirobo is still on Ethereum – we began our journey on this amazing platform, and it’s still the biggest player by far. But our goal is to provide DeFi services to the entire world, across multiple blockchains. BSC is the first step.  


What this means for you, for us, and for the world

The first thing that this integration means is that the selection of tokens compatible with our services has more than doubled. You can use our P2P Swap and Undo Button with the main gateway tokens to BSC (WBNB and BUSD), as well as BNB (the third-most valuable crypto on the market), and a long list of amazing utility and payment cryptocurrencies.
Each one has its own strengths and opportunities – like gaming tokens, gambling tokens, fan tokens, and more – and many are linked to amazing projects that enable you to grow your assets in innovative ways.  The second upshot of this is that Kirobo has just onboarded tens of millions of new potential users. That means more people in our community, more people to swap with, and more people that can use our amazing products.
Thirdly, and perhaps most importantly, we’ve forged a link between two of the biggest crypto user bases in the world, which is something we’re particularly proud of. It’s important to note that this is only the first in a long list of planned expansions, so watch this space!    


Making mass adoption a no-brainer

We believe that cryptocurrency will change the world, but first it needs to achieve mass adoption. Kirobo is building a platform that will achieve this by showing people that blockchain technology can be used safely and conveniently. Not only for transactions and for investments, but for all the services that you’re accustomed to receiving from your fiat bank. And when people see that they can use all the major blockchains through a single, seamless interface, adopting cryptocurrency will be a no-brainer.


Kirobo’s decentralized applications remove the risk of losing funds enabling you to use blockchain technology to its fullest potential from one consolidated platform Join us!