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Don’t let the blockchain inherit your money

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How it works

In the past, if a hodler passed away without sharing their private key, their crypto died with them. Now you can allocate assets to up to eight heirs in case the worst happens.

Key details

Unlike fiat money, crypto has no central regulatory authority to access and manage the unallocated assets of a deceased person.

Research shows that 89% of crypto holders are worried about their assets not being passed on, yet only 23% have a plan.

Matthew Moody - died 2013, leaving BTC worth thousands locked forever Matthew Mellon - died April 2018, locking $500m in XRP forever Gerald Cotten - died December 2018, locking $250m of his customers’ crypto forever

The Liquid Vault is an on-chain wallet that functions like other decentralized wallets. Send and receive, pay, swap, all  safeguarded with the Kirobo Safe Transfer.

Asset allocation is executed by a smart contract which is activated by the user community. The node that activates the transfers receives a reward in KIRO.