How do you benefit from using the Kirobo Liquid Vault?

The Kirobo Liquid Vault is a game-changer for the crypto industry. It’s much more than your usual Ethereum wallet - it opens new possibilities for DeFi users while protecting their crypto like no product has been able to before. In this blog we’ll give you a very quick rundown on the main benefits of creating and using a Kirobo Liquid Vault.


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As it’s a non-custodial on-chain wallet, when you transfer assets to the Liquid Vault, they're being stored on the blockchain, not within a server or personal device. This means that you are the only one who can access and use them. You can send and receive transactions and interact with Dapps with your Liquid Vault, like any other crypto wallet, but you also benefit from unique features that give you much more abilities for protecting and growing your crypto.


You get into your Liquid Vault through your crypto wallet. But what happens if you can’t access your warm wallet, or lose your cold wallet? The Liquid Vault has you covered with a backup feature that switches to an alternative wallet if you can't get into your first one! 


Have you thought about how your loved ones will get access to your holdings if something were to happen to you? Before, you'd have to seek ‘manual’ solutions like going to a lawyer and giving them a copy of your seed phrase. The Inheritance feature will allow you to allocate your crypto to your loved ones, and decide who will get what. The best thing about it is that It's smart contract - activated, so you don't need to trust anyone. Just the code.


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Tackling gas fees

We've created a one-of-a-kind NFT, one that’s actually useful! It deals with the issue of Ethereum gas fees, which have become completely ridiculous. If you hold a Kirobo Collectible, and a certain amount of KIRO in your Liquid Vault, you’ll get your gas fees paid back to you. 

DeFi technology has opened new horizons for crypto users, and the Liquid Vault is the place to be if you want to interact with this world in a smarter and safer way. The technology will enable us to provide an ever-widening suite of services to the crypto ecosystem, something that just didn’t exist before. So what are you waiting for? 


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