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Pioneering Security Features

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Safe Transfers

We've invented a way to let you undo crypto transactions. With Safe Transfer, you protect your transactions with a password and if something isn't right, you just undo it.

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The Liquid Vault's native backup mechanism lets you define a second wallet to seize control of your liquid vault in case you lose access to your main vault.

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Bulletproof code

The blockchain is the only thing you should ever need to trust, but the code has to be good. That’s why we’ve gone that extra mile and been audited by multiple leading external auditors.


The Liquid Vault is a non-custodial, on-chain wallet where you will need to store your ERC-20 tokens and NFTs in order to execute smart transactions.

Only you can access your assets. Not Kirobo. Not anyone else.

  • Send and receive assets
  • Enjoy unprecedented asset protection
  • Store Kiro gas to pay the activators

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