Dapp Connect - step-by-step guide

The Liquid Vault now has Dapp Connect - providing direct access to most dapps and turning the Liquid Vault into a portal to the entire DeFi ecosystem. Any dapp with WalletConnect can be integrated into the vault, and any assets you buy/swap/mint/earn go straight into your vault! 

So how do you use it? Let's dive in...


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1. Click Dapp Connect

2. In a separate window, go to the dapp that you want to use. Here, we're using Uniswap as an example. Click on the connected wallet.


---- Open a Liquid Vault now: vault.kirobo.me ----


3. Click 'Change'


4. Click 'WalletConnect'



5. Click 'Copy to clipboard' underneath the QR code, then return to your vault and paste into the WalletConnect field:


6. Uniswap has now appeared in your Liquid Vault!


7. Now, when you go to Uniswap to execute a swap, you confirm the transaction via your Liquid Vault, and the new assets will appear in your vault!


---- Open a Liquid Vault now: vault.kirobo.me ----


And that’s it! Use Dapp Connect to earn crypto safely, and mint NFTs directly to the protection of your vault by connecting to marketplaces like OpenSea! 


We want to emphasize how huge this is - when you use our backup feature, everything in your Liquid Vault is protected. 


To give an example: if you have ETH, and you use Dapp Connect to swap some for USDC on Uniswap, that USDC will also be backed up. And when you use Dapp Connect to mint an NFT, that NFT is backed up too. 


The Liquid Vault is the only decentralized  platform that gives such comprehensive protection to all of your assets, by offering you a second chance if you lose access. 


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