Become a System Activator

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kirobo crypto cryptocurrency ethereum activators

Trigger smart transactions

If Kirobo were to trigger the transactions, we’d be centralized. And that’s not what we believe in. So we use the community instead.

A conditional transaction is based on an ‘if/then’ on a smart contract. But smart contracts aren’t that smart – they can check for conditions, but they need a trigger transaction to run the user’s request. 

So who triggers them? You!

kirobo crypto cryptocurrency ethereum conditional transactions

Pioneering Security Features

Sleep easy. We got your back.

Activation rewards

When a user sets an FCT, they put up an activation stake. If you activate their mechanism, that stake becomes yours!

Longevity pay

You can withdraw your activator stake whenever you want - but the longer you stay in the system, the larger it will grow.

Join our family

The Kirobo marketplace and community is exponentially growing, and early adopters will reap the benefits.